We are a husband and wife partnership working on bringing something entirly different and interesting to the public, it all started off years ago with myself building sculpures in a small workshop in Nelson street, Norwich, which soon caught the interest of many local people, schools and the media so my work has appeared on television, in news papers and magazines, my work was even taken to America and took first place in the Miami festival of the arts in 2003.

After that work was constant and I worked 7days a week for years and was invited to move my production to "dinosaur Adventure" and became an attraction at one of the largest tourist attractions in Norfolk, but after a few years of 7 days a week working caught up with me and for health reasons I had to take a break ..... but that didn't stop me for long and I opened up a shop in "Angila square" Norwich with the help of my wife Sonya.

 "Here be dragons" offers an entirly different kind of high street shop with the strange and wonderful world of fantasy combined with natural history, even taxidermy!

Both Sonya and myself work together, in the summer months running my exhibition and workshop at "dinosaur adventure" and Sonya keeping our shop open in Norwich, so sometimes our shop has strange opening times and days.

Come and see us, you will always be welcomed and get a one to one service by either of us, this is our own unique business and we care about it.